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Encore Custom Preforms are your one-stop shop for all your preform needs. From consultation to development, we have the skill and expertise it takes to create the highest quality custom preforms.


putting your individual needs first

During your consultation, we work to understand your individualized goals and which preform would be the most suitable for your needs. The custom preform design needs to reflect your company and we give you flexible options to choose from. Our custom preforms come in a full range of colours and types—there is no request we cannot handle.


no room for oversight

Once the consultation stage is complete and a custom mold has been decided on, our team of technicians proceed with the testing process. We perform thorough resin and mold testing so that your custom preform meets the highest professional standard.


getting your goals into production

At Encore Custom Preforms, we offer our clientele flexible order quantities. From orders of 10,000 parts to high volume requirements that range in the millions, our state of the art facility can take on any challenge.


ensuring only the best results

We pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding the highest industry standards. Our skilled team of technicians are trained to methodically inspect for any imperfections, as well as making sure that all machinery is working at peak performance. Encore’s dedication to providing our workforce with ongoing education means that our staff are always up to date with the latest technology.


At Encore Custom Preforms, we understand that a high-quality preform makes good bottles. We manufacture a wide variety of preforms in different sizes, weights and colours enabling our customers to produce an aesthetically pleasing package that will grab the consumers' attention.